Sunday, 8 July 2012


No mood. Feels wanna eat people. Wanna scream out loud. Arghhh ! I hate to feel this way.  Maybe because of PMS. That is why I'm being soooo miserable . Pfft ! Dear crush, kenapa aku still rasa geram aa? Eventhough aku selalu pujuk hati aku saying, I've already forgive you. Why why? Maybe sebab aku tak ikhlas. Or maybe because of hang kejam sangat buat aku macam tu. Kesan sangat mendalam kot noh. I'm trying not to tell everyone about you. Just because your friends are my friends too. Get it? I hate seeing your status, i hate thinking my past with you, i hate everything about you. Don't you feel it? I feel useless. I've done my best to make you happy with me. I just want you to be with me. This is what I feel when I'm with you. But not anymore. I'm free and let me be free. Wanna take you out from my territory.

I just really hope that you will change. Don't hurt others like you did to me. Appreciate them. Takecare.

I used to love you. But not anymore.
Much love, 
Ween Radzi,

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